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Read about Christina's journey to heal from abortion

At My Life Clinic, we met with beautiful young lady as she began her journey to seek healing from her abortion experience. Christina had multiple abortions in her young 20s. In the years since her abortions, she has struggled with depression, shame, feeling dirty, and complete unworthiness. Christina participates in our post-abortion support program, SaveOne. Now, Christina is such a positive light despite the hurt that she has carried and overcome. Through her healing from abortion, she found God's love and forgiveness. She has written a beautiful poem to share with you about her story titled The Promise.

My sin has been hidden for many, many years.
Covered by lies because of my fears.
I am Ashamed, Weary, Filthy, Guilty.
T'was I who stole the life within, stripped from the secret place therein.
My burden is heavy for it's far too great to bear.
Yet the whisper of Christ promised He'd always be there.
Filled with sorrow as I pled His absolution.
Still His perfect plan provided a resolution.
The blood He shed hath made me clean.
Death no longer holds me, His praises I can now sing.
Repentant from my sin, I am no longer the same.
Hence in my sin I no longer remain.
I am Forgiven, Blessed, Clean, Redeemed.
No more shame. No more sorrow.
With my tears wiped dry, I can dance into tomorrow.
Not looking back, from this sin I am freed.
The love of my Savior aids me to succeed.
No longer silent, I let my truth be heard.
No longer deceived, engraved in my heart is His word.
No more chains. No more worry.
Because of His glory I can now shout my story.
I am Loved, Delighted, Enlightened, Replenished.
The Promise of the Lord affirms It Is Finished.
by Christina Jackson

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